"I am a strong believer in chiropractic care. I have personally seen it correct asthma, migraine headaches, sensory integration issues, acid reflux in our two month old great-granddaughter, bladder issues and sinus problems. I believe that Dr. Parker's care has kept me mobile and prevented illness. I feel she is very knowledgeable about treating the whole body and cares deeply about her clients. She has a top notch staff to assist her. Thanks for your care and being so invested in my health."


Janis C, Bella Vista AR

"I had PTSD following 21 consecutive shocks from a defibrillator attached to my heart. Dr. Lauren Newton Morter treated me with Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique and after 3 treatment sessions the PTSD symptoms have dropped by 75%. I am hopeful that after my next session the symptoms of PTSD will be gone completely. Thank God, Dr. Lauren, and the B.E.S.T. treatments!"


Roy C, Bella Vista AR

"While living in Wisconsin, I started having an occasional stiff neck, which gradually got worse and more frequent. I started monthly chiropractic treatments which helped for some time. 

Eventually, I started having constant neck pain with tight shoulders and lots of pressure. It was hard to turn my head and my posture became very stooped. 

By the time I first went to Dr. Parker in 2002, I was in constant pain. After an x-ray of my neck and spine, it was determined the third and fourth vertebre had almost fused and the spine was curved. Big problem!

In addition to treatments, Dr. Parker started me on a daily use of the Posture Pump Neck Exerciser, which strengthens the necks natural shape. Also, a special pillow to help keep the spine straight at night and non-prescription medication which helps support joints comfort and mobility. As a result, I no longer have neck pain and my posture is back to normal. 

Dr. Parker helped me get my life back. Today I am playing golf again without pain or tension.  Every couple months or so as needed, I have a massage and an adjustment to maintain the same level of comfort and mobility. 

I would say on a scale of 1 to 10 - Dr. Parker and the entire staff of Hands-On Chiropractic deserve a 10! They make a person feel welcome and are very efficient and professional."

Tom I. Bella Vista AR

"To all of you very special people;
Upon finding a great new chiropractic clinic and superb and conscientious, and caring doctor, I am now moving foward to a pain free and joyous life.

Thanks to EACH of you for getting me there. When I am healed from surgery, I will continue to need you guys. 

Thanks for being there and caring!"

Peggy S. Pea Ridge AR 

"In the summer of 2011, I began having pain in my right arm so badly that I was unable to use it to hand-quilt. 

At that time, my husband was being treated at Hands-On Chiropractic. I asked them about my hand and was told that they thought they could help me. 

After two visits, my pain was gone and I have not had a problem since. In fact, I just quilted a blanket for Christmas - it took only 3 weeks! 

My hand had been bothering me for 4 to 5 years. To have the pain gone in two sessions was a miracle!" 

Marie S. Lowell AR

Ode to Dr. Delilah Parker


My leg was sore

My neck was bad

I just laid on the floor

I felt real sad

But dont carve my grave marker

Take me to see Dr. Delilah Parker 


Now that woman can fix your knee

She can fix your arm

She does so much good and does no harm

So if your light is going out

And all is getting darker

Take yourself to see Dr. Delilah Parker


Roy  Bella Vista AR

“I trust the doctors and the other employees here at the office. The staff has always been friendly and patient with me and my family. I know that I get a thorough evaluation when I come and not just my sypmtoms are addressed but rather the core of the problem. What can I say- I am in good hands at Hands-On Chiropractic!” 


Melanie C.  Pea Ridge, AR

“ I’ve been coming to Hands-On for three years and it has made such a difference in my mood, health, and general disposition. Thanks for helping keep me ‘pain free’.” 


Sandra K. Bella Vista, AR

“After a long time of suffering with muscular pain in my arms and neck I have been getting therapeutic massages by Josie McMillin LMT and am recovering and doing so much better."                                                                                                                                                               

Marvel P. Bella Vista, AR

“Lydia LMT is a doll and I am blessed beyond measure for the concern and care she has provided after my car accident. The knowledge about whiplash and head injuries along with massage skills have allowed for healing. Lydia is kind and compassionate and I highly recommend her for neck and head related injuries.” 


Teresa C. Bella Vista, AR

“Always welcoming to you when you enter. Dr. Lauren is a very nice person. Always helpful and offering exercises and stretches to help. Really enjoy the adjustments. Very good at what she does. Have had Josie for several massage. Very good at working out the sore spots. A great massage, offers stretches for your specific problem areas. All office staff are very polite.”


Chris B. Seligman, MO

“I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!”


William M. Rogers, AR

“Great people!” 


Chris J. Pineville, MO

“The personnel at Hands-On always make their patients feel welcomed. They seem to really care about the general wellbeing of their patients. I have been very pleased with the massages and the girls have been very helpful and knowledgeable about injuries. They always remember what I need, but are always asking if there is any new developments. Dr. Parker does an outstanding job of helping her patients. Not only does she do an amazing job in helping with physical problems but she truly cares about them on a personal level. She has become family and I am very grateful for her.”


Connie G.  Bella Vista, AR

“Dr. Parker is the best DC I have found in years of looking. I have been treated by at several. I think of her as my primary doctor and go to an MD only when she tells me to. She is my Go-To for health and not just pain relief.”


Robert B. Pineville MO

“Proactive Chiropractic at its best. Dr. Parker looks for problems and knows how to fix them. I’, 66 and used chiropractic care since 8. She ranks in the top 5.”


Maxine K. Pineville MO

“I think Dr. Parker is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. She listens well.”


Fayrene J. Garfiield AR

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